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WP2 - Entrepreneurship education - Transnational synthesis of the context analysis

WP2 - Nationa report Austria

WP2 - National report Belgium

WP2 - National report Greece

WP2 - National report Hungary

WP2 - National report Italy

WP2 - National report The Netherlands

WP2 - National report Portugal

WP2 - National report Poland


WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_AT

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_BE

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_GR

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_HU

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_IT_1

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_IT_2

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_IT_3

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_IT_4

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_NL

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_PL

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_PT

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_TRANSNATIONAL

WP3 - GR_Study_Circles_report

WP3 - HU_Study_Circle_1_report

WP3 - HU_Study_Circle_2_report

WP3 - HU_Study_Circle_3_report

WP3 - IT_Study_Circle_1_report

WP3 - IT_Study_Circle_2_report

WP3 - IT_Study_Circle_3_report

WP3 - IT_Study_Circle_4_report

WP3 - NL Study Circle 1 report

WP3 - NL Study Circle 2 report

WP3 - NL Study Circle 3 report

WP3 - BE Study Circle 1 report

WP3 - BE Study Circle 2 report

WP3 - BE Study Circle 3 report

WP3 - AT Study Circle 1 report

WP3 - AT Study Circle 2 report

WP3 - AT Study Circle 3 report

WP3 - PL Study Circle report

WP3 - PT Study circles report

WP3 - Study Circle report_TRANSNATIONAL

(please contact TUCEP at  Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie obsługi JavaScript.  for requesting the copies of the Transnational report) 

WP3 - GR Innovation workshop report

WP3 - HU Innovation workshop report

WP3 - IT Innovation workshop report_1_2

WP3 - IT Innovation workshop report_3

WP3 - IT Innovation workshop report_4

WP3 - NL Innovation workshop report

WP3 - PL Innovation workshop report

WP3 - AT Innovation workshop report

WP3 - PT Innovation workshop report

WP3 - BE Innovation workshop report

WP3 - Innovation workshop report_TRANSNATIONAL

Curriculum for Mentor of Entrepreneurship Education










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Project newsletter - September 2014

Project newsletter - March 2015

Project newsletter - September 2015

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Project brochure - Greek

Project brochure - English

Project brochure - French

Project brochure - Hungarian





PERSPECTIVES - Experiences Entrepreneurial Spirit Challenge in School Education
Project n. 540455-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-COMENIUS-CMP

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