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The project is structured into three key Actions:
Realisation of a context analysis about Entrepreneurship Teachers' Education across Europe, about the role of teachers in different European countries; the national strategies, good practices, pilot experiences and success cases; the methodologies used in teacher education for entrepreneurship ; the approaches and the tools for becoming a facilitator of entrepreneurship key competences; the continuing professional development of teachers in the EU.
Realisation of study circles using the peer learning methodology, addressed to school teachers, aiming to create European models for primary and secondary school teachers to support the development of their skills and methods in applying entrepreneurial learning in different teaching subjects and in different contexts.
Realisation of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a web application including teaching materials, guidelines for teachers and good practice examples (in different areas, levels and types of education), aimed at making available interactive tools for teachers allowing them to share their experiences and disseminate ideas and methods about entrepreneurship education.


WP2 - Entrepreneurship education - Transnational synthesis of the context analysis

WP2 - Nationa report Austria

WP2 - National report Belgium

WP2 - National report Greece

WP2 - National report Hungary

WP2 - National report Italy

WP2 - National report The Netherlands

WP2 - National report Portugal

WP2 - National report Poland


WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_AT

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_BE

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_GR

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_HU

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_IT_1

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_IT_2

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_IT_3

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_IT_4

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_NL

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_PL

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_PT

WP3 - Report_on_setting_up_the_study_Circles_TRANSNATIONAL

WP3 - GR_Study_Circles_report

WP3 - HU_Study_Circle_1_report

WP3 - HU_Study_Circle_2_report

WP3 - HU_Study_Circle_3_report

WP3 - IT_Study_Circle_1_report

WP3 - IT_Study_Circle_2_report

WP3 - IT_Study_Circle_3_report

WP3 - IT_Study_Circle_4_report

WP3 - NL Study Circle 1 report

WP3 - NL Study Circle 2 report

WP3 - NL Study Circle 3 report

WP3 - BE Study Circle 1 report

WP3 - BE Study Circle 2 report

WP3 - BE Study Circle 3 report

WP3 - AT Study Circle 1 report

WP3 - AT Study Circle 2 report

WP3 - AT Study Circle 3 report

WP3 - PL Study Circle report

WP3 - PT Study circles report

WP3 - Study Circle report_TRANSNATIONAL

(please contact TUCEP at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for requesting the copies of the Transnational report) 

WP3 - GR Innovation workshop report

WP3 - HU Innovation workshop report

WP3 - IT Innovation workshop report_1_2

WP3 - IT Innovation workshop report_3

WP3 - IT Innovation workshop report_4

WP3 - NL Innovation workshop report

WP3 - PL Innovation workshop report

WP3 - AT Innovation workshop report

WP3 - PT Innovation workshop report

WP3 - BE Innovation workshop report

WP3 - Innovation workshop report_TRANSNATIONAL


Curriculum for Mentor of Entrepreneurship Education












Project newsletter - March 2014

Project newsletter - September 2014

Project newsletter - March 2015

Project newsletter - September 2015


Project brochures - German

Project brochure - Greek

Project brochure - English

Project brochure - French

Project brochure - Hungarian


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PERSPECTIVES - Experiences Entrepreneurial Spirit Challenge in School Education
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